Saturday, March 18, 2006

6.1 Overview of Energy-Releasing Pathways

Plants make ATP during photosynthesis Why did she leave the door open? and use it I'm trying to study. to synthesize How typical. She's always asking us to have the highest regard for her, glucose and other but when it comes to showing the same regard to us carbohydrates. But all she never does. Like when organisms, plants included, she used my coffee maker, and when I went to use it a month later can make ATP by breaking down there were large patches of green and white funky things growing in it because carbohydrates, lipids, she didn't clean it out. and proteins. Aargh! Now I can't study.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Contrary to popular belief, Heather has not fallen off the face of the earth. Instead, she has fallen off the face of sanity, deportment, and other necessary skills that a well-mannered lady must have to succeed in today's world. What has brought this about? Some call it the "torture chambers of the 21st century", others say it is"WWI, II, Korea, Vietnam, and both Gulf Wars rolled into one week", more describe it as "like walking into a brick wall that hits you back, but you have to keep walking into it", and a small minority of students call it "mid-terms". She managed to hang on to every scrap of mental, emotional, and physical health until the fourth, and final, test was over, but afterwards, everything collapsed. Which brings us into the now, which is Spring Break, that glorious time when doing nothing is almost a requirement, including writing on blogs.
As to how Heather is doing now, well, as you can see, she is still writing in third-person and therefore isn't entirely recovered. Staying in Lynchburg, Virginia, and having the wacko stay with her most of the week, isn't helping out either, but that is what headphones are for. She half-heartedly promises to write more often to her friends, and also wants Stephanie to join Facebook, for the love of Mike! Everybody who is anybody is on it, unless you are a nobody. Then you don't exist. So, hop to it. Geez! (Heather is only slightly neurotic at the moment, seeing how her roommate has left the room and taken most of the insanity out with her)
That is all.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Been a while, hasn't it? But I am here now, so... there you go. Here's a quick update on my life:
I am still alive. Quick, simple, a little obvious, but there really isn't much else going on that is that important. I'm taking 18 credit hours this semester and I am actually put a bit of effort into it, so I should make out with A's. Which I need to do to keep my honor's scholarship, which I need to keep to be able to afford school and, may I add, that I am spending less money going to school down here in Lynchburg than at community college. Nice.

I desperately want to go on a trip this year. I'd go anywhere, NY, London, Paris, even Chattanooga if I had to. Anywhere but Lynchburg or Grand Rapids. Been there, seen that. Give me somewhere new to explore. Somewhere besides sitting in my dorm room on my faded frog print sheets, listening to online radio, trying to ignore the horrible noises my roommate, a music major, is making thinking she is singing. It would be easy to just go and leave my room, be social and do stuff, but I have to study. Honor's and all that. I can't go somewhere else to study, my laptop, which has recently celebrated its four-year anniversary with me, weighs 12 lbs., add my numerous and heavy books and my backpack, if it doesn't burst from seam to seam, will quit as my backpack, join a union for oppressed backpacks, and lobby congress for better pay, better care plans, and weight limits. So, I'm kinda stuck here. At least I'm on the top bunk, which is abnormally high for a bunkbed, so I have my own little world up here. I am able to pretend like I'm ignoring other people, which is almost as good as actually ignoring them. Not that I like ignoring people, or that I make a habit of it, but I enjoy being alone, sometimes. And with a roommate like mine, you'd want to be alone, sometimes, too.
I promise I'll write another post before next year. In the meantime, laugh a bit more.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

"I can see you as a mini-van person."
"You don't know anything about good Mexican food 'cause you're from Michigan."
"Look at you! You made it up the stairs!"

Look. I do not ever want to own a mini-van. Ever. I am well-experienced in Mexican food, having been to Mexico twice, living in Grand Rapids, MI where the largest minority group is Hispanic, and having 1/3 of my high school be Hispanic. And, of course I can make it up the stairs, I'm not overweight, oh Miss condescending I'm size 0 and still insecure about my weight roommate! Yes, this is just some of the unintentional abuse I face from my roommate. Mind you, it's unintentional. Oh, the ways I dislike her (and have I mentioned she still has trouble remembering my name?) and yet, can't hate her.

On to something else- Thanksgiving was great! Exhausting, but great. I worked at Target (tar-jhey) and got more hours than I had hoped for, which is good because it means more money! Due to my bank account now being negative $26 and my other account at positive $1.26 and what with the holiday season busting out like your Uncle Fred's stomach after Thanksgiving dinner, money has become more important than what is normal for me.
But now, I'm here, at school. Blah. Cold rain and cold room= me having a cold. Great fun to be had! Tatta now!

A Little Christmas Story

The room reached out to those who passed it wooden door frame with a cheery, almost home-like feel. Christmas played on the small radio, while colored lights, held up by tape and prayer, gave the room a happy feeling, a bright, cheery existence. The people that walked by, fellow tenants, housekeeping, and assorted guests, remarked on how wonderful the room was and left, feeling they had seen Christmas spirit enclosed in that one, tiny room . Except for one, one girl who saw past its brightness, its gaudy joy. She saw it for the dark pit that it was.

To be continued...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Strange. I remember Kerry was saying we didn't have enough troops which led to an unstable Iraq in the first place and now he wants to have less.

"The way forward in Iraq is not to pull out precipitously or merely promise to "stay as long as it takes." Neither course does justice to the sacrifices of America's soldiers. To undermine the insurgency, we have to simultaneously pursue both a political settlement and the withdrawal of American combat forces linked to specific, responsible benchmarks. " -John Kerry email, 11/2/2005

Let's undermine the insurgency by taking our forces away, when not having enough supposedly helped the insurgency. I can understand how idealistically this would undermine the insurgency, but realistically telling the insurgency our "specific, responsible benchmarks" won't help anyone, except the insurgency. Militarily, and John Kerry should know this with his three purple hearts, you do not tell your enemy when you are leaving, just like you don't tell them when you are coming. Think of Iraq as your house and the terrorists a burglars. It's like telling the burglars when you are going to be out of town. They can attack at any time, but wouldn't they be more likely to break-in once you are gone? You will be able to leave once you have a security system, barking dogs, the works, but you don't leave until this is all done. Full withdrawal is the same with establishing the Iraqi gov't, police, the works.

And yes, I still receive emails from John Kerry. Weird, isn't it?

My life is slightly above hectic this week. Five tests and three papers, all 3-4 pages long for a total of 9-12 pages to write, means chaos. Slightly controlled, but still chaos. Life is still good, 'cause home! Oh, ye glorious entity which we mortal beings call home! That is, I'm going home after this week. My dad is coming down, driving me and a couple others up and I'll be back in the chilly anomaly we call Michigan. Trust me, I'm bringing my winter coat, gloves, boots, even the flannel underwear. (which I actually don't own)

I would just like to point out the differences. If you look at Virginia:

The part where I am at is yellowish at the moment, implying warmth. Michigan:

Is freaking cold. I really don't know how I'm going to adjust. I'm back for a week, so I'll get used to the frozen climate in time to go back to Virginia and readjust to the semitropical climate. Great.

Still, Thanksgiving! Being home! Seeing my dog, and cat, and three goldfish, and I guess I can include my brother and sister too. Yay. Hmm. Not much else to give you tonight. The computer lab is really crowded. Now, Liberty's computer lab is huge, so there must a ton of people here. I couldn't even find a place to sit down for a while there. I do have my own computer, so there is no reason for me to come here except for a few things that keep me away from my room.

Peace, y'all.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Hey, long time no, umm... talk. Yah.
Ok, so definitely had a test in Govt. 220 on Wednesday. Definitely did not know there was a test, which happened to be on the judicial system, the part of government I know the least, or basically nothing, about so probable D. Very probable.
I sat staring at the little bubbles on my scantron until they began to speak to me. "Choose me!" "No, choose me!" Shaking my head clear, I clicked my automatic pencil, read the first question, and felt the blood first rush to my head, then down to my feet, and end up somewhere around my stomach where they magically turned into very restless butterflies. I knew 4 questions, out of 40 or so, and sort of knew 10, and the rest where chosen using the best deductive reasoning skills I could muster after 4 hours of sleep at 9 in the morning.
I am just not sleeping. My mind will not shut down. Colors cross and fade into pictures which begin to move, and soon I am imagining entire stories, what I should have saids, and alternate endings to that day's events. I certainly do need sleep, but my mind seems to be most active at 1 in the morning. It's probably because I'm a college student with three weeks until Thanksgiving, where I will collapse, fall asleep, eat food that won't threaten to kill me, and work at Target (that's Tar-jhey).
I don't know what I got on that test yet, but I got a 94 on my Theology test! Yes, booyah, grrreat, and all that. That was supposed to cheer me up. Oh well.
Here's some pics of Grand Rapids(taken by me) and what it will probably look like when I get back-

Thursday, October 13, 2005

So... I really don't think anyone is reading this. Just post a comment saying "I read this." You can even save time and cut and paste that. Yeah.
Ok, so if my friends ever get the message that I am trying to send, that yes, in fact, I have a blog with important and valuable information on it, I might get some feedback. Anything, cause right now I'm getting a little desperate. Those commenters with the ad-thingies are becoming my only friends.
Enough with the depressing, on to the impressing. Umm...

Not coming up with anything. Oh! I will be back in Michigan for Thanksgiving week, come rain or shine (more likely snow or ice) and I will be back at work for Target, so money, so yay! I don't have to deal with any of this 90-day employment crap, what with the you have to reapply to work, so you can't work until Christmas, even though I was number 5 out of like 25 in the backstocker ranking lists. So I get to work, receive moneys, and wear the color red, all day. Me and the color red have this love/hate relationship. I'm a blue person, through and through, but there are somedays I wish I could be a red-wearing person. They seem to be more outgoing and energetic, while blues seem to be more calm and quiet. Just in my personal experience and whatnot. Other news- no more floods, black-outs, brown-outs, plumbing deficiencies, or other circumstances deserving mention. I need to do laundry, talk to my advisor, go give the testing center fifty buckaroos to clep out of English, and finish up my application package for a scholarship. Tomorrow. So good night (morning), God bless.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Home sweet home. I actually took this picture during spring break. Michigan's warm, tropical weather is truly paradise. By the time I get back for Thanksgiving, it will probably look this again. Hmm...maybe I will stay in Virginia. But miss out on my mom's cooking? No way, especially after eating food from the 'Rot for three months. Major yuckage.
*side note- Why does their food lack so much in edibility this year? Any ideas?
So, now I feel homesick, but not that much, more like a momentary twinge in the stomach area, although that may be from the food I had today at the 'Rot.
In unrelated news, the good folks at Spiritual Life has decided to give us weary students a break from convo and has granted us a study hour instead. They say it's because of the workload, and it being midterms and all, but rumor has it that the Vines Center is flooded. I thought the dome was on top of a ravine, but I have entertained thoughts of the thing flooded with warships doing battle as in the days of the Roman emperors and giant coliseums before, so I suppose it is possible.
I'll sign off for tonight (or this morning, I suppose)

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ok, so power back on. Again. Someone please explain to me why Dorms 1, 4, 14, and 19 (my dorm) lost power when they are nowhere near each other? I mean, there are dorms closer to 19 than 14, etc. Makes no sense. Right now, my brain is somewhat comatose from the Leadership Institute gov't thingy they are having. It's like class, only on the weekend, so never mind that they are good speakers and there are free snacks, 'cause it's on the weekend, so therefore it sucks. Majorly. I need sleep, and the only for sure time I get it is Saturday mornings, and this thing started at nine. Nothing much else going on, except for the last three (or is it four?) days of rain... and gloom... and tests. Stupid tests.
I'm going to run this idea by you, see if it's sound in any way.
When you get a medical ointment, you read the directions before putting some on. Sometimes it will tell you to apply a liberal dose, others a conservative dose. If you apply liberal amounts when it’s best to be conservative, you might aggravate the problem or create new problems. If you use conservative amounts when it’s best to be liberal, it won’t be effective enough to solve the problem.
Ok, can you apply this to anything else? Thoughts, ideas, etc. please.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ugh. Was that me writing that? Way too happy and preppy. I'm going to have to make up for that by saying saying depressing things. Umm... world hunger, bird flu, Otis, no good movies at the movie theatre right now, honors theology paper due monday, I've run out of chewing gum, I broke my 1 month hiatus on coffee one week and five days into it, there is a suicidal fruit fly attacking my computer screen (Darn you fly and your pestilent lifestyle!), I wanted to go to bed early tonight but it's already 1:30am, and I don't have time to go to a no good movie at the movie theatre tomorrow. I should probably throw in something sarcastic, but, alas, fresh out of it.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hey, I know this is hard to believe but, I went out with friends this Friday night! Yay! And yes, I completely realize this sounds pathetic, but last year, friends worked on Fridays, I was all-homework orientated, still am, but to a lesser degree. Where did I go? To the bonfire, of course. And was it ever a bonfire. Lets start at the beginning. Vanessa decided she wanted to arrive early, and we managed to grab Christina on the way out (both freshmen). So, we get there at 8:30 pm, the thing starts at 9pm and yes, there was no one else there, except the bands that were going to play, and setup people. Awkward, yes, but Vanessa was fully blamed, and we moved on with our lives. Which involved meeting plenty of random people, getting mono from marshmellows, and learning that Christina's brother's car is really cool. I really don't have anything philosophical to say, saving that for my 6 page theology paper due on Monday, which I haven't started yet, so-
Aah! I haven't started that yet! Bye! *runs off panicked in general direction of library*